NARS promotes online Covid training to members

The National Association of Racing Staff (NARS) is promoting an online training module to all its members in preparation for the restarting of racing in June.

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The Online education module called “COVID-19 information for participants of the racing industry” is a compulsory for all staff working in the industry and must be completed.

The course is about infection prevention and control advice for participants working in the racing industry during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Kevin Parsons is ULF (Union Learning Fund) Project Manager with NARS and explained:

As an industry we are hoping to get started again on the 1st June and everything is being organised for that date. The British Horseracing Authority (BHA) have created an online learning module that ALL staff attending a race meeting MUST have completed before doing so or entry will be denied.”

The Covid-19 short eLearning course has been developed on the Racing2Learn website, to ensure people have evidence, that they understand the protocols and safe working practices as part of the resumption of racing. It is simple but covers most of the principles in keeping safe during the current pandemic and dealing with the issues as they effect the racing industry.”

The module provides racecourse attendees with a baseline understanding of COVID-19, social distancing, hand and respiratory hygiene, racecourse protocols and PPE requirements.

The BHA insist that it must be completed by all racecourse attendees prior to their first attendance at a raceday from 1 June and that access to the racecourse will not be granted
until it has been completed.

The module is available to complete via the Racing2Learn website, which is free to all users, and the BHA has also
produced a user guide to support industry participants who have not yet completed the course.

Kevin said that NARS will be working to encourage all their members to do the course.

Kevin added that:

Racing2Learn is an online learning platform that was launched in April for the industry. We at NARS also have modules on the platform, with some still in development.

As many staff have been unable to attend training it has been an excellent resource through these times. It has also been a great way to give members CPD opportunities covering many areas across the whole industry.”