POA Learning puts digital skills into focus

Digital Photography is always a popular choice amongst members when learning needs survey’s are carried out, and following a number of requests, POA Learning decided that a Camera Course be designed and delivered at the unions Hatfield Learning Centre over a period of four weeks this year.

POA Learning support Digital Photography skills

Jon Knight is Learner Support with POA Learning and has a vast amount of experience in photography, so was the perfect choice to run the course.

The first session was run to a small but eager group who were wanting to expand their Digital Photography skills, and over the four weeks, the delegates went back to basics learning about the different types of camera and the theory around photography skills.

The following week was more of the mechanics of photography and, with cameras in hand, found themselves outside shooting images where they could demonstrate their skills and knowledge just gained around aperture and shutter speeds.

Jon said:

It was a pleasant surprise when they returned for week three with their “homework” duly completed producing some stunning images including light trails on the motorway and fireworks – something even for an experienced snapper that can prove tricky!”

Taking part in a Digital Photography course has a lot of benefits to learners other than coming away with some great images to show your friends and family. You need to learn how to download and manipulate images, attach files to emails and social media to share the finished images and understand how to store them safely online. So taking a stunning photo is just one of the digital skills that participants came away with after the sessions.

With the final sessions looking at photography styles and image manipulation, Peter Woodall was one of the delegates and commented:

I’ve only ever set the camera to “Auto” to take photographs and not really had to think about what I’ve taken but now I’m using “Manual” all the time – and before I press the shutter thinking about how I’m exposing and framing the situation”.

Jon said:

I am delighted with the success of the course. It was humbling to see some of the work that was brought in and I hope to set up a gallery in the Centre to show off some of the fantastic images.”

With the success of the initial course, there has already been further interest from HMP Hatfield and HMP Full Sutton among other establishments where a new batch of budding Photographers can develop their skills!