Quick Reads promote positive thinking at Lynch Wood

Claire Cakebread is a Learn with Aegis rep working for the Yorkshire Building Society at the companies Lynch Wood offices in Peterborough. Claire has recently been promoting Quick Reads to staff at the site to encourage colleagues to get back into reading.

Claire with a selection of Quick Reads
Claire with a selection of Quick Reads

One staff member that has been really bitten by the reading bug after trying a Quick Read in Suzanne Angeloni, in fact she is so keen that she has been encouraging others to try the short books.

Suzanne is a Team Manager with Vulnerable Customer Support Team and when asked about the benefits of the free Quick Reads being given out at workplaces Suzanne was very positive and said:

I think this is a fantastic idea and does actually prompt people to take them and read them – something they may not have made the effort to do themselves.”

One book that Suzanne gave a go was “Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway” which settled on to help build confidence, but found had other bebefits>

Suzanne said:

I loved it! I’ve always taken the approach that to actually do something is to overcome my fears of whatever it is. However, reading this book actually reading some theory around why we fear was really interesting. No one controls how I feel – that is mine to own completely.”

I love to surround myself with positive, forward thinking people and I sincerely hope that I give that back to others. I just thought it was how I was but reading about it within this book that it was a good characteristic was really gratifying!”

Suzanne has been recommending the book to other people and said:

I read this the 1st time on holiday in October. As soon as I’d finished it I encouraged my husband to read it. I’ve also positively promoted it to my colleagues here in the workplace.”

Claire has seen how popular Quick Reads have been and she said:

The feedback I’ve received from staff here is that the Quick Reads range is fantastic! From crime fiction and real life stories to historical fiction and self-help books. There really is something for everyone!”

Staff here at Lynch Wood were surprised, but really pleased to be given free books and also shared them with colleagues, friends and family. We’ll be giving away another set of books in early March and using this as an opportunity to promote the Union Learn event within the office the following week.”

Suzanne’s choice wasn’t the only Quick Read that was popular at Lynch Wood. With over fifty titles there was something for everyone.