Reece Checks Out Learning thanks to Usdaw

Usdaw’s campaign for retail “Check Out Learning” really came up trumps for Reece Crompton. When he saw some posters advertising the day around the canteen and corridors at Tesco, Horwich he thought this could be what he needed.

Usdaw members gets the learning bug

Usdaw store Union Learning Rep (ULR) Helen recalls:

Reece came up to ask me if I knew anything about the day.”

I had got lots of information from our Moblie ULR Sue Sowe, so she set up a meeting with Reece at lunchtime, so he could get some idea of what was available”.

Sue takes up the story:

Reece came and introduced himself and we chatted about the kind of things he was interested in and what courses he might like to do.”

For quite some time Reece had wanted to improve himself by doing some learning but he didn’t know where to start. He was looking for personal development that could possibly lead to promotion or better career prospects but didn’t want to go to college because he felt he might embarrass himself by not being able to keep up with others in the class”.

Sue thought that a Distance Learning course would be suitable for Reece and showed him how the courses worked. He chose Team Leading, Level 2 because this would be helpful in any working environment.

Sue said:

He passed the course in July and wanted to carry on learning, so we enrolled him onto Math Level 2, this would help with work and personal life.”

Reece passed that course in September and now has that learning bug and is looking for his next course.