RMT ULR wins award for Workplace Diplomas support

Union Learning Reps (ULRs) from the Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) Union have been hard at work in York supporting colleagues achieve Workplace Diplomas.

Chris Brown and John Richards work as Signallers at the IECC (Integrated Electronic Control Centre) next to York Station - a major signalling control centre on the East Coast Main Line between London and Edinburgh. They have been working with Wendy Hall, a tutor from TPS Training to help fellow Signallers on their Learn IT Workplace Diploma.

An RMT Learning Organiser was visiting them at the station and said:

ULRs from RMT with Wendy Hall

John and Chris are both ULRs and have already been responsible for the delivery of dozens of Workplace Diplomas - adult apprenticeships- in their area. 

In fact they have been so successful that Wendy presented John Richards with the Network Rail ULR of the Year Award 2015 for outstanding contribution to adult learning in the workplace."

John was very pleased and proud to be recognised for his work, but also recognised that what he had achieved was only possible through the comradeship, support and hard work of his fellow ULR Chris Brown.

John said:

We both work together for the common good and are both justifiably proud that when we look around our workplace, people say hi and we think that person has now got a good quality qualification, because we made it happen."

Wendy Hall, a self-confessed 'Chuffa Nut' added:

It really was a pleasure to work from the IECC and also to be able to visit lots of different locations around the network, supporting the learners and helping them to achieve high standards and qualifications. That starts a new interest in learning for themselves and not just for their job. Besides how many people get to eat their lunch in the National Railway Museum next to the Flying Scotsman every week?"

John and Chris are looking forward to working with other ULRs around the wider area in spreading the Learn IT diploma and other learning opportunities to even more members!