Staying Strong in Enfield thanks to UNISON Learning

UNISON members at Enfield Local Government branch have found out about ways of dealing with stress in a workshop delivered as part of the union’s member learning programme.

Staying Strong thanks to UNISON

The school staff from across the London Borough of Enfield picked up practical tips about dealing with stress when they took part in the UNISON Staying Strong workshop last month.

Staying Strong helps participants explore what causes stress, identify the sources of stress in their own lives and learn some proven techniques to counter the effects of stress.

The group found out about the Avoid – Alter – Accept model of dealing with stress which using a structed approach to dealing with stress and asks the following questions.

  • Is it possible to avoid the source of stress?
  • Is it possible to alter it?
  • And if neither of those is possible, simply accepting it may make it easier to deal with.

National Learning & Development Organiser Oreleo Du Cran, who delivered the workshop, enjoyed working with participants who embraced all the elements of the course.

Oreleo said:

Each learner benefited from learning how to reduce and manage their stress levels, which we at UNISON believe leads to increased levels of wellbeing.”

The feedback from the diverse group of learners was very positive.

One commented:

Thank you for a nice session and the reminder that we need to take time out to look after ourselves.”

Another of the first-time participants added:

I felt relaxed and enjoyed it.”

Oreleo is keen to encourage other branches to get involved with Staying Strong, he said:

If you’re interested in running this workshop in your own branch, contact your UNISON learning rep and Regional Education Team.”

Workshop materials can be requested from [email protected]