Unite’s Tazim finds Quick Reads a great way to build English skills

A Learn with Unite Regional Learning Organiser has been making use of Quick Reads to help support learners at a reading club she has set up at the Learning Centre in the union’s Bristol office.

Unite promoting reading in Bristol

Tazim Ladhu has been supporting Unite learners in workplaces and with local communities across the South West. The learning centre at Tony Benn House in Bristol is an important base for this work and Tazim runs functional skills classes including English and Digital Skills.

Tazim has been utilising Quick Reads for some time, and explained her latest project and the benefits of the books:

Helping someone to read is a priceless gift.  It opens up great avenues for all, from reading menus to gaining the ability to read War and Peace.”

The Quick Reads are ideal for both learners and their reading buddies.  There are also titles by many authors and something to suit all.”

Quick Reads have proved incredibly popular with Tazim learners – as a few of them explained.

Angela Navajas attends the Learn with Unite Job Club and first heard about Quick Reads there from Tazim. Since then Angela has become a member of the Learning Centre Reading Club 

Angela explained why she likes Quick Reads, saying:

It is good to get started with light reading rather than a full novel.  Quick Reads have a good range of titles to choose from.”

Reading is important for everyone and being comfortable with reading and being confident helps with life in general such as completing forms in and out of work, applying for jobs, understanding contracts and generally is beneficial in all aspects.”

Zahra Nabizadeh is another member of the reading club. Zahra explained how she started:

I went to the conversation club in Unite the Union. My teacher Tazim Ladhu mentioned their reading club and asked me to take part - she recommended reading to help me further with my English comprehension.”

Zahra finds Quick Reads very helpful, saying:

I like to read the book and I check any new words and this slows down my reading but helps me increase the words I know.”

The first time Melissa heard about Quick Reads was in the library during a "Shared Reading Group".

Melissa explained:

They pushed me and advised me to read. Tazim Ladhu at Unite the Union also suggested the Quick Reads would be beneficial and asked me to join their reading club.”

I like the level of English, it is not too difficult but not too easy at the same time. I train my mind because I always learn new verbs, new pronouns and adjectives. This helps me to broaden my vocabulary and it allows me to relate better at work, at home and with friends.”

Melissa would encourage people to try out Quick Reads if they haven’t already done so, saying:

I would recommend it to everyone because they are short stories, so not too demanding that allow people who are not English speaking to learn new idioms, new expressions and nouns.”

Tazim explains that they plan to make even more of the group in the future:

This year we hope to grow our Reading Group and I am looking to invite readers to review books and join in online discussions.”

As always Quick Reads will be a big part of Tazim’s plans to expand the numbers that can use the reading club.