Usdaw ULRs build partnerships to support workplace Mental Health

Usdaw Union Learning Reps (ULRs) at Boots Logistics in Nottingham run an extremely successful learning centre offering a range of different courses, drop in sessions and on-line learning.

Usdaw ULRs help good mental health
Usdaw ULR's Shelley, Sarah and Lisa on World Mental Health Day

The union reps are now working with the company on a new joint campaign to tackle mental ill-health.

ULR Co-ordinator Dawn Johnson said:

The company is linked in with Lifeworks, an organisation where colleagues can access services and support when needed around numerous issues that affect their lives ­- either personally or through a family member.”

We thought the ULRs and the Centre should promote Lifeworks and its benefits so that people could get the most out of it. The centre also offers several Distance Learning Courses linked to these issues so people have the chance to learn more about them”.

The latest initiative took place on World Mental Health Day. The ULRs ran a learning event in the canteen, promoting courses around Understanding Mental Health, Understanding Autism, Dementia Care, Understanding the Care and Management of Diabetes.

Usdaw Project Worker Neil Chapman said:

It was extremely successful with over 40 people wanting to do a course, either mental health awareness or dementia care.”

The ULRs have also linked in with MIND, the mental health charity, and promoted sessions around ecotherapy. Ecotherapy is the name given to a wide range of treatment programmes which aim to improve mental and physical wellbeing through doing outdoor activities in nature. So far, the ULRs have organised pumpkin picking events and set up a rambling group for exercise and outdoor walks. 

Neil said:

All in all it’s been a really productive partnership, with all partners promoting and highlighting the benefits of good mental health. There is lots of really good information, signposting the many different sources of help and support our members need on a daily basis with an opportunity to link into the Learning Centre to find out more.”