Warburton Eastwood learning event day with URTU

The first of a number of learning event days at Warburton Eastwood in Nottingham took place last November thanks to the work of Union Learning Reps (ULRs) from URTU.

URTU ULRs get busy at Warburtons
URTU ULR's getting ready for the Learning Day at Warburtons

ULRs at the site had decided to set up a learning day in order to give staff the opportunity to assess their skills in information technology (IT), maths and English. This was with the view to either progress on to further courses or just to have a better understanding of their own level.

A number of staff took the opportunity to check their skills and were keen to progress further in order to upskill for career reasons or just for personal accomplishment.

URTU ULF (Union Learning Fund) Project Manager Jeff Latham said:

It was great to see so many people engaged in learning which, for many, was their first time in a long time. It was also good to see the Union Learning Reps being actively involved.”

URTU ULRs Desney Want, Gavin Hawkins and Stuart Grey all took part in a number of skills checks and encouraged colleagues to get involved throughout the day. This event helped to break down some of the barriers to learning and build relationships between the ULRs and staff in order to make learning less of a hurdle.

The learning event also helped to show the wide range of union supported learning opportunities available, which can help with both career and personal development.

Jeff was really pleased with the event and said:

The day would not have been a success without the hard work of Desney and Gavin, who both worked extremely hard to make sure that the IT facilities were working and that individuals felt welcome when they came to undertake assessments.”

The URTU ULR team at Warburtons are already hard at work planning future learning days for 2019 and working to support even more learners develop skills and opportunities.