Earth Day - try an online course from the Greener Jobs Alliance

Today is Earth Day, why not use the day to build up your knowledge of environmental issues and try out one of the Greener Jobs Alliance’s free online learning modules.

GJA Courses

The Greener Jobs Alliance (GJA) has been formed as a partnership body inclusive of trade unions, student organisations, campaigning groups and a policy think tank. It campaigns around the issue of jobs and the skills needed to transition to a net-zero carbon economy.

The free online courses that are available on the GJA website at the moment are:

  • A Trade Union Guide to Just Transition
  • Climate Change Awareness
  • Air Quality – a trade union issue

The courses are all aimed at trade union members and colleagues, though open to anyone with an interest in the issues, and aim to help increase understanding.

The Just Transition course explains why social justice must be at the heart of the development of a net-zero carbon economy, whilst Climate Change Awareness is a short introductory course, divided into four modules and aimed at people wishing to develop their understanding of the issues around climate change.

The Just Transition course was originally launched at last year’s TUC Congress and at the time  Kevin Courtney, Joint General Secretary of the National Education Union said:

Just Transition is a concept with which all citizens, and especially trade unionists, need to become familiar as we are facing an unprecedented global emergency.”

This guide achieves this purpose in a concise way, without assuming previous knowledge.  We wholeheartedly recommend its use as both a training resource and general guide.

Unionlearn Project Communications Officer Keith Hatch added;

If these courses have sparked your interest in workplace environmental issues you might want to consider becoming a Green Rep. Many unions have Green or Environmental Reps in the workplace, and a good starting point would be to talk to your Union Learning Rep or union learning organiser.”

Unionlearn will soon be launching a new publication around Green Skills so keep an eye on the unionlearn website for details.”

To find out more about the courses go to the Greener Jobs Alliance course page