POA Learning hold Festival of Wellbeing

POA Learning have announced a three day online “Festival of Wellbeing” running in July.

POA Festival of Wellbeing

The festival will see a number of online webinars, run by three well-being experts, Iain Smith, Robin Graham and Matt Pointon, taking place between Tuesday 14th July and Thursday 16th July 2020. To offer everyone a chance to become involved and take part in the sessions they will be held at various times throughout each day.

Iain Smith will be running “A Wellbeing Buffet” sessions which contain a selection of strategies and ideas that people can easily use. Stress, Pressure, Stepping Back, Self-Talk, Perspective, and Negativity vs Positivity are just some of the topics that will be discussed.

Iain presents key ideas in an entertaining and accessible way so that attendees can easily put them into place and use them the very next day.

Iain’s sessions will run on:

  • Tuesday 14th July (10am-12pm),
  • Wednesday 15th July (5.30pm – 7.30pm) and
  • Thursday 16th July (2.00pm – 4.00pm).

Another session that is surely going to have people talking is Robin Graham’s “Laughter Yoga”.

Robin’s passion is for communicating and sharing and includes using laughter both therapeutically and for fun. Through a series of gentle exercises, we will use our breath, playfulness and laughter to bring us into the present moment.

We all sometimes need a way to take a step back, and laughter is one dynamic, powerful way to do this, in times of boredom, laughter can be an energiser and increase our sense of happiness. Topics that will be explored include the physiology, meaning and benefits of laughter; inappropriate laughter; some techniques to deal with life’s challenges and breathing techniques to relax.

You can join Robin for his sessions on

  • Tuesday 14th (2pm - 4pm),
  • Wednesday 15th (10am - 12pm) and
  • Thursday (5.30pm - 7.30pm)

Finally, Matt Pointon, a Unionlearn projects officer, brings us his sessions around Mindfulness.

Matt supports unions to access a wide variety of learning opportunities. He has many years of experience in adult education and also delivers a number of short taster courses in workplaces.

This course is an exploration of short mindfulness interventions to reduce stress comprising of six mindfulness exercises, three of which are engaged in during the session.

Matt will be presenting his webinars on

  • Tuesday 14th (5.30pm - 7.30pm),
  • Wednesday 15th (2pm - 4pm) and
  • Thursday (10am - 12pm)

This is a great opportunity to take time out and understand more about your own, and others wellbeing as POA Learning continue to support and guide learners through our commitment to offering learning opportunities for all.

Booking for the webinars are online via Eventbrite - find out more details on the POA's Festival of Wellbeing page.