RMT Learning team promotes courses to London Underground workers

Late last year RMT Learning were invited to attend a Trade Union Awareness Day organised by London Underground reps and promote the benefits of union learning to members.

RMT event at LU

The event took place at the Transport for London headquarters in the Palestra building opposite Southwark underground station on the 2nd December and was a chance for RMT Learning, along with other unions representing London Underground workers, to showcase the various courses on offer from the union and the opportunities that union members can have to improve their skills.

The timing was particularly good as many people begin to think about new learning a skill at the beginning of a new year, so members had a lot of ideas to take away with them and think about.

RMT Learning’s Ivor Riddle said:

The event is run twice a year as an event to promote all the Trade Union’s in the workplace and it’s an opportunity for the unions to promote the other things they offer as well as industrial representation, such as the RMT Credit Union, Lifelong Learning, Will writing and legal services etc.”

The local branch, TfL No1, asked RMT Learning to team up with their reps at the event. This was to provide information advice and guidance on what offers we can make around learning. Which might engage current members and potential recruits.”

Among the offers available from the union were online learning courses up to Level two in a wide range of topics from basic Maths, English and ICT to forensic science and Mental Health Awareness.

The RMT Learning team were also joined by one of their regular learning providers. James Bishop from The Skills Partnership joined them for a few hours to talk to members about Adult Apprenticeships and the learning opportunities that they offer.

Workers for TfL were very impressed with the variety of learning opportunities on offer from unions and their learning teams. One member of staff commented that they

had no idea there was so much choice and support available”.

She added that she wanted to check out the IT courses as she only used it for social media and work related stuff at the moment, and hadn’t realised there were so many online courses available.

Ivor summed up saying:

The day was a great success with considerable interest shown by people already in the union and several potential recruits.”