Supporting apprenticeships during coronavirus pandemic

Unionlearn has produced a briefing for union reps to help them support apprenticeships during the coronavirus pandemic.

Covid-19 apprentice support

Many apprentices are facing changes in the workplace now that employers are responding to the coronavirus pandemic. It is important that reps are aware of any issues so that they can support apprentices and raise any concerns with the employer.

The briefing note looks into ways union reps can use negotiating and bargaining tools to keep apprenticeships going.

Unionlearn has drawn this guidance together to address some of the issues that are likely to come up over the coming months regarding apprenticeships.

The briefing covers areas such as:

  • Breaks in apprenticeships
  • End-point assessment
  • English and maths learning
  • Employment issues including pay, furlough and redundancy
  • Working and learning from home

The briefing also includes a series of action points to help union reps work through and help them find the best way to support apprentices. There are also links to more information and guidance from the TUC and ACAS.

Supporting apprenticeships during coronavirus pandemic – briefing for union reps” can be downloaded from the unionlearn website.