TSSA event explores the Future of Rail

Rail union the TSSA is holding a central London event on Thursday 7th March focusing on the technological and operational changes that are taking place in the rail industry as a result of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

TSSA explores the Future of Rail

The Future of Rail conference is part of a project funded through the Union Learning Fund new innovation bids and focuses on the future of the rail sector. It will provide a solid basis for further detailed joint discussions between the trade unions, employers & other sector partners as well as company specific negotiations on how staff requirements and workforce development plans will be affected over the next decade and beyond.

TSSA will present research in these areas with their vision of the absolute necessity for prioritisation of re-training, upskilling and planned technology procurement. Participants will also look to hear from key stakeholders about their response to these changes for the sector and have a rare opportunity to influence the debate.

Speakers at the event will include TSSA General Secretary Manuel Cortes and unionlearn Director Kevin Rowan and lead onto discussions that will also inform the  TSSA’s preparation of workshops for their reps equipping them to negotiate on the issues arising from the burgeoning skills gaps and shortages in the workplace at this time heralding massive change.

For more information please go to the TSSA link or contact Kerry Abel on [email protected]