Unionlearn publish 2020 annual report

Unionlearn has this week published its 2020 Annual Report, which gives an overview of a packed year of work supporting unions and workplace learners.

Unionlearn Annual Report 2020

The report, entitled “Making Skills and Learning Work”, comes at a time when the coronavirus pandemic has overshadowed unionlearn’s recent activities, and it highlights the response from unionlearn and TUC Education to bring much of its offer online to help people access learning during these challenging times.

Chair of the unionlearn Board Mary Bousted said:

The TUC and affiliated unions have been calling on the government to boost learning and skills opportunities as a major part of its policy response to combatting the fallout from the pandemic, with union-led learning and training at the heart of this strategy.”

It is heartening to report that unionlearn responded rapidly to the pandemic and put in place a number of initiatives when the lockdown took effect in March of this year.”

The report highlights that one of the key elements of the union response to the pandemic was the launch of a new [email protected] page on the unionlearn website which promotes a range of learning and training for furloughed workers, those needing to work from home, and those made redundant due to the ongoing crisis.

The report focuses on the work that unionlearn and TUC Education teams have been doing utilising existing resources and creating new ones such significantly expanded the delivery of webinars since the lockdown.

There are also has links to the last years publications and other resources.

To download the report today go to Unionlearn annual report 2020.