Our objectives

Unionlearn objectives

  • We will help unions to support their members to access and progress through lifelong learning based on quality standards
  • We will help unions to engage with employers and providers to increase the quantity, quality and fairer distribution of learning opportunities
  • We will strengthen union capacity over learning, including training and supporting ULRs and embedding learning within core union activities and structure
  • We will help unions to secure effective union representation at the workplace through training of union representatives and union professionals
  • We will deepen and extend partnerships with key stakeholders to sustain effective union-led activity
  • We will embed a quality framework across all of our provision to drive up and maintain high standards and work towards a culture of continuous quality improvement
  • We will continue to promote our activities and demonstrate the added value of union learning
  • We will continue to monitor and improve the effectiveness of our organisation in order to meet our stated objectives, including implementing an equality assessment of both internal and external activity