Breaking through the barriers - Equal access to learning for all

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This publication brings together the voices of unions, partner organisations, practitioners and learners to highlight the range of barriers faced by many and to demonstrate what can be achieved through union learning.

Learning changes lives. It also changes attitudes, provides better job prospects, transforms personal situations and breathes a new confidence into learners. However, many people are still not feeling the benefit of learning – the joy of reading to their children, the discovery of a new talent, or the simple pleasure of acquiring a whole new range of skills.

Breaking Through the Barriers shows how we can overcome some of the barriers faced by disabled people, by older people, women, and those identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans or as black and minority ethnic. There is practical advice showcased by the case studies and also at the end of the publication.

We hope that Breaking Through the Barriers will inspire employers to help remove some of the barriers to learning, empower learners to break down the barriers to their progress and give union learning reps and others the confidence to open up access to learning to all.