ESOL: Language for life and work module for reps


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Unionlearn and the British Council, with support of unions, have produced an interactive module for union reps on English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) in the workplace. This is a self-study module that aims to help union reps think of how to build ESOL awareness and develop learning opportunities.

The module is appropriate for all workplace reps and union learning reps and management as well.

The module contains information, activities and links to videos. The activities can also be used as basis for discussions in the workplace or modified to be used in workshops.

How to use the interactive ESOL module:

  1. Open the interactive pdf.
  2. Read the text, open the linked pages, watch the embedded videos and write your responses to the activities in the boxes provided. You will need speakers or headphones to listen to the video.
  3. After adding your own responses, you can save the document to your own computer to access later on.

The British Council's ESOL Nexus website offers more activities and information about improving English language skills and living and working in the UK.