TUC Education courses for all union reps – Sept 2016-July 2017 – Midlands

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This booklet gives details of the TUC Education Course Programme in the Midlands of England for the period September 2016 to July 2017. To apply for courses please see the course directory.

Trade union shop stewards, health and safety and union learning representatives are being encouraged enrol on TUC education courses that start from 14 September. The courses cover everything a union representative needs to know to help and support their members in the workplace.

Trade union education keeps union reps up to date with the law and gives them the confidence they need to effectively organise in their workplace. Skilled and knowledgeable union representatives ensure that working people get the best protection from their union and helps employers have stable and productive employment relations.

As a result of attending TUC courses, union reps, health and safety reps and union learning reps tell us they now feel far more confident when talking to managers and members. They can now tackle issues and concerns more effectively and that pays dividends, not just for union members but for the employer as well as they are able to sort problems out before they escalate out of proportion.

Courses on offer include basic shop stewards and health and safety reps training, employment law and union learning representatives. Stewards who are interested in registering should look through the course brochure, complete the form at the back and either email or post it to the centre offering the course of their choice. Stewards are able to claim time off from work to attend accredited TUC courses.