Union Women Officers Summer School inspires ideas and builds confidence

Each year TUC Education organises a Summer School for union women professionals. The summer school offers a unique opportunity to hear from senior women officers about their careers and experiences in the trade union movement, to share and discuss concerns with women MPs and to learn professional presentation skills. This year’s school ran from...

Euston Tower

Euston Tower is an HMRC building and the business partners at the Learning section have agreed to use the venue one day a week i.e. on Mondays. In partnership with CONEL, PCS and ARC, runs an IT course. So far, over 300 students have signed up for it. It is tutor-led 30-hour course.

Run in conjunction with HMRC learning, the PCS ULRs use the HMRC learning suite on Mondays to run the course.



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BCC Learning Centre

This is a fully equipped IT room where people can go to study with a tutor, or on their own in their own time. It is also used to promote learning and to hold events.

We do not do very much at the moment as we do not have any facility time from Branch and no longer have a Learning Agreement.



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