Another busy year for union learning

Each year unionlearn staff organise a number of campaigns around skills to encourage unions to get involved with workplace learning – and 2020 is going to be no different with a full range of annual campaigns and a few new ones.

Another busy year for union learning

Unionlearn’s campaign weeks throughout 2020 will be a rich mix that either ties in with national and international campaigns or are stand alone events that aim to inspire learning, launch new resources and share great stories.

We kick off early in the year with our annual link up with National Apprenticeship Week. This has moved to February from its traditional March dates and is an opportunity for unions to show how they have been working to support apprenticeships across the country. It’s also a great chance to check out unionlearn’s Apprenticeships Essentials app ( if you have not done so already.

Unionlearn has been running Maths Workout, Literary Works and Digital Skills weeks for an number of years, and 2020 will be no different. We are linking up with the National Numeracy Challenge, The Reading Agency and Get Online Week for campaign weeks in the spring and autumn and are always amazed by the stalls, workshops and activities that Union Learning Reps (ULRs) organise to inspire colleagues to build up their functional skills and help them develop.

This April unionlearn will be launching its first Green Skills week. This is a new campaign week that will aim to show the difference that workplace reps can make to cut the carbon footprint of their workplace. It will also look at the future skills that workers will need as the world moves towards a low carbon future. The world of work is constantly changing and to rise to the challenges that the climate crisis presents, new skills will be vital. However, unions are ideally placed to support workers recognise the transferable skills they already have and develop the new ones they will need.

Mental Health at work continues to be an important area for ULRs and many are becoming Mental Health First Aiders or setting up awareness events. In May, unionlearn will be highlighting much of the work that has been happening across the country as well as showcasing resources and case studies that can help reps and union’s support their members.

Our last campaign week for 2020 will once again link up with the TUC Younger Workers Week and will highlight the ways that unions having been supporting younger workers gain skills to help them as they enter the world of work, this could be through apprenticeships, traineeships or mentoring schemes.

These are our main campaign weeks – but that doesn’t mean that we only want to hear your stories on those weeks. ULRs work 52 weeks of the year to support workplace learning and unionlearn always wants to hear new stories that we can share.

Here’s a round-up so you can get your diaries up to date and start preparing early.

  • Feb 3rd to 7th - National Apprenticeship Week
  • March 9th to 13th - Literacy Works Week
  • April 20th to 24th - Green Skills week
  • May 18th to 22nd - Mental Health Awareness Week
  • July 9th - Unionlearn Annual Conference
  • Oct 12th to 16th - Maths Workout Week
  • Oct - Get Online Week (Dates to be confirmed)
  • Nov 23rd to 27th - Supporting Younger Workers Week
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Keith Hatch is a unionlearn Projects Support Officer covering communications and the unionlearn website and social media platforms.

Keith is always on the lookout for a good story to show the work that unions do supporting workplace learning and skills.