Value My Skills cards come up trumps for ULRs

CWU learners use the Value My Skills cards at training event ©Private
CWU learners use the Value My Skills cards at training event ©Private

Transferable skills are the general abilities you develop and are useful across a range of different jobs and industries. This was the theme for the CWU South West committee forum training event held in Bournemouth's Elstead Hotel.

The packed room was split into groups for this activity, and each group were given a pack of 56 cards describing transferable skills, with the following descriptions headers:

  • Very competent
  • Competent
  • Adequate
  • Undeveloped

These were divided up, then these group's sorted the other skill cards under these headers by discussing each card and being honest about within the group. Some of the skills highlighted were ones people may have not yet developed, or might never have a desire to do so. Some people proved interested in developing new skills at some time in the future.

I also asked people to consider which of the transferable skills could be used within their appointed union roles and activities. Some of these skills people found they wanted to develop, and some were surprised at the skills they already use without knowing.

The skills that people identified as competent and the ones they want to use a great deal represented the most transferable skills. By using the Value My Skills cards, this became clearer –the visual aids and the workshop environment really helped.

Group discussions and feedback generated a clear progression plan for many experienced reps and new reps.

The skills that were listed as not wanting to use didn't necessarily make them non-transferable, but something that may need the right motivation. Unionlearn, who created the skills cards, found that people are less likely to look for opportunities that involve skills they are less motivated to use.

The Value My Skills cards are a great tool for anyone who's looking into skills, developing skills and even the unemployed looking for advice and thinking about what transferable skills the possess.

I hope this has got you all thinking about what skills you may already have and use, and hopefully I have inspired you into looking at the Value my Skills card game and using them to your advantage. I know I found them very useful.

You can order your own pack of cards online.

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Darren Rowbotham

Darren Rowbotham is a Union Learning Rep with the Communication Workers Union (CWU) working out of Exeter Sorting Office.

Darren has been actively involved in raising the profile of workplace learning in his branch and recently ran a workshop at the CWU’s Learning Committees Training Event in Bournemouth.