BFAWU show you are never too old to have a Quick Read

The Learning Services Team at the Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union always ensure that there is an easily accessible supply of Quick Reads in their workplace learning centres across the country.  However, they don’t just find Quick Reads useful for their members.

New Springs learning centre

BFAWU North West Project Worker John Fox and BFAWU Union Learning Rep and Volunteer Lorraine Fox make extensive use of Quick Reads at the Community Learning Centre that they set up in Wigan.

John explained;

We use the Quick Reads as part of a reading club at New Springs Community Learning, where we run computer lessons for the community of New Springs and surrounding areas.”

The average age of these readers at the centre is around 70 years old.

The New Springs Community Centre is in Scholes and has been supporting older learners for over six years now - since being set up in 2014. The centre is based in the St John the Baptist Church and has the full support of the union and local councillors – who help with funding.

The reading club at New Springs is about more than just exploring new books, it is also a way for older members of the local community to come together and have a chat about a shared experience.

John said:

We like to use the Quick Reads because it also helps to get the readers reading different genres from love stories to action and adventure stories.

We have produced reading diaries so learners can comment on the books they have read. The books also add to the coffee mornings they attend, and we have a discussion on the books that they have read.”

John is a fan of the books himself and often checks out the latest titles – so is looking forward to the new batch of books in 2020.

John said:

I like the number of top-class authors that write these books as the readers know who they are reading. The books are not too big to get through like War and Peace or Tolkiens, Lord of the Rings. This enables others to join in who are not avid readers.”

John explained why he feels Quick Reads are so useful and would encourage all reps to order some copies to use at work, or where ever they support learners.

Reading always help people to improve their learning, whether it is helping our foreign brothers and sisters to improve their English or around Health and Well-being for our elder statesmen and peers.”

I would recommend Quick Reads to others as it’s a way of relaxation and to get rid of the stress that daily life brings.”