Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union (BFAWU)

The Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union (BFAWU) has a proud tradition of encouraging members to partake in all forms of education, whether that be to enhance their skills as union representatives or to increase their academic qualifications. The union prioritises learning at every level of the union, with education being on every agenda from branch level, right through to national executive meetings.

The union runs 16 in-house courses every year for our shop stewards, health and safety representatives and union learner representatives, building their knowledge base to enable them to represent you to the highest standard. From basic representation to more advanced diversity and equality training, BFAWU aims to deliver first class training through our network of trainers.

BFAWU also runs four union learning fund projects covering England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, which offer second to none opportunities for workers within the food industry and in the wider community, to build their educational portfolio or to brush up on those subjects that may have been missed or under achieved earlier in life.

The union has a great team waiting to help with computer training from taster days to more advanced applications, help with English, Maths and communication skills or assistance with CV writing.



Union ensures learners won’t slip up at Fyffes

The Learning Services team from the Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union (BFAWU) were recently called in by one of their Regional Officers to see if they could help support workers at Fyffes in Coventry – this was an opportunity that Project Worker Karen Plasom knew would result in a fruitful...

Bakers union ensure learning is sweet at cake factory

Bright Blue Foods Ltd is a cake factory in Blackburn, and workers there have been benefiting from the support of BFAWU Learning Project Worker John Fox . John has encouraged the company to sign up to a joint Skills pledge with the union as well as organising learning assessments for staff with a...

Kamran Ali Thrilled to work with the union

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I am thrilled to be working with the BFAWU Learning services as the new project worker and enthusiastic about bringing learning to comrades across the region. Over the past couple of months I have been working as a Project Worker on an interim basis, this gave me great insight into the role and an...

New unionlearn leaflet encourages ESOL support at work

Unionlearn is launching a new leaflet which aims to encourage unions and employers to work together to help workers who would benefit from English language support. “ Are we all speaking the same language? ” highlights the need for good communication in workplaces, and points to the benefits of having workers who are confident with their English...