BFAWU’s Carol is supporting Functional Skills in Walthamstow

Last year two workers at Allied Bakeries in Walthamstow approached BFAWU Project Worker Carol Hillby to look at ways to gain skills that would help them at work and home.

BFAWU learners

Svetlana Kalcheva and Irena Benovska-Nacheva are originally from Romania and have been working at Allied Bakeries for around a year and a half. They were aware that their langue skills were holding them back and wanted a Functional English course as they both thought their English could be improved with support.

Carol has been working with learning provider KEITs at Allied Bakeries for three years and contacted them about supporting Svetlana and Irena.

Carol explained:

Both ladies were very enthusiastic and keen to learn. I had a chat with the KEITs tutor, Lauren Bolton, and she asked me to send them along to her and she would assess them, which I did.”

Their levels were low but we really didn’t want to put a dampener on their enthusiasm, so Lauren put them on an Entry Level 2 course for practice, without enrolling them. These lovely ladies sailed through and Lauren quickly enrolled them onto the Entry Level 3 course in no time.”

Svetlana and Irena have now completed the Entry Level 3 and are now being signed up for the Level 1 course.

Carol is now keen to role this out to more workers at Allied Bakeries and in the other workplaces she supports. Carol explained: 

I have a lot of support from the Manufacturing Manager, Reza Hajyzamanali, he has even identified people to join the courses and encouraged them to come along.”

We are now taking KEITs into Stevenage and once all the renovations are done at Orpington we are hoping to move over there too. I know the other project workers are gaining access nationally too.”

Carol has also set up a ‘Wall of Achievement’ at the Walthamstow factory and these two learners were the first to appear on the wall – though they won’t be the last.

Carol said:

Photo’s of both Svetlana and Irena are on the new “‘Wall of Achievement” with a little blurb about their success in the hope this will encourage others to come and learn with us.”