BFAWU’s Julie is “amazed” by the union’s learning offer

Julie Oakley joined the BFAWU Learning Services team in January of this year as the Project Administrator for the Union Learning Fund supported project. Since then she has taken full advantage of the wide range of learning that’s on offer.

BFAWU Julie Oakley

Julie has completed three Level 2 courses, the full Learn My Way course online, multiple TUC e-Notes and Alison courses.

Julie said: 

I am amazed at how many fully funded learning there is available to members and non-members alike.”

The online skills that Julie has developed thanks to these courses have not only helped her but have made a huge difference to the Learning Services team social media presences and how they share the message of union learning to the wider world.

Julia explained:

I have set up a new BFAWULS twitter page to promote, I regularly update our Facebook page for the BFAWU Learning Services, and I also promote on my personal page. I now have many of my friends and family using the services to upskill themselves”.

Julie understands the value of learning and upskilling and actively engages and promotes the available opportunities. Julie has promoted these learning opportunities in her local library, children’s school – to make the opportunities accessible to the parents, also to her friends and family.

Julie feels lucky to be working in an environment where personal development is encouraged.

She said:

The teams Learning Services Manager, Lisa Greenfield, is regularly letting us know of new learning opportunities as and when they become available, and actively encourages the team to take advantage of the opportunities.”

This proves very useful as when the team head out to workplaces across the country they know exactly what they are offering members and can answer questions about the courses and signpost learners to the offer that is best for them.

Julie is keen to encourage everyone to take a look at what they are up to by following the teams Facebook page – which can be found here.