CWU helps workers be mindful of workplace stress

With workplace stress levels on the up unions are working to support members become aware of various techniques to help. CWU Rep Gavin Hardie organised a Mindfullness course for members in Plymouth and was really pleased with the reaction.

CWU reduce stress through mindfullness

Gavin is Lead Union Learning Rep with the CWU’s Plymouth and East Cornwall Amal Branch and recently arranged a three-week course on Mindfulness in the unions Discovery Learning Room at our Plymouth Mail Centre. This proved to be a great success with eight learners completing the course.

Gavin explained:

Mindfulness is a practice that goes back many centuries to Hinduism and Buddhism and more known today with Yoga and meditation.  It was more popularized in the East by regions and spiritual institutions.

Unions always first look at ways to reduce workplace stress at source - but courses like Mindfullness are a good way to offer support to interested members which can help them both at work and in wider society. 

Mindfullness is becoming increasingly popular and is thought help a person’s mental state by focusing awareness on the present moment. Mindfulless techniques such as meditation, gentle yoga and mind-body exercises can help people learn how to cope with stress. 

People have reported feeling more engaged in their work, more energised, less anxious, as well as sleep better and have fewer physical symptoms of stress, after engaging in a course which employs the elements of mindfullness.

As Gavin said:

It is a useful tool for anyone looking to increase their level of wellbeing.”

The CWU course was run over three weeks with two and a half hour sessions each week.  The whole class really embraced the course and the tutor Michelle Shaw had an enthusiasm and expertise of the subject that really made the course an exceptional experience for learners. 

Every learner really got what they signed up for, and the feedback from the course was very positive. 

Jade Jones, a Weekend Processing worker, said:

I really enjoyed the course. I didn't know what it was about to begin with, I thought it was about helping other people's minds. However, I did find that it has helped me a lot. I think the other people in the group also benefitted quite a lot from it as well.”  

Kelly Fice, Mdec Early Shift Keyer, added:

I loved doing this course!  Michelle was brilliant!  I learnt a lot which is going to benefit my life in the future.”  

Fellow Mdec Early Shift Keyer Caroline Evans thought the course was very interesting, she said:

I really liked the course and the tutor Michelle.  I found it very interesting and it has helped me to de-stress a bit, especially at night when trying to sleep.” 

Whilst colleague Tracy Nodin was amazed how relaxing it made her feel.  She said: 

I thought the mindfulness course was great!  It came at just the right time for me and helped me through a very stressful period.”

Michelle was lovely and has such a relaxing voice which helps a lot.  I have learned a lot in this course and taken a lot away with me which I will practice regularly.  I have recommended this to a lot of people so I'm sure a second one would be greatly appreciated.  It's a thumbs up from me.”

Gavin was very pleased with the feedback and the course in general, he summed up saying that:

It has really helped some of the learners and made them feel more confident.  Because this course went so well, I will be looking to promote a follow-on course for early January 2019.”