CWU’s Gavin gets people creative with words

Gavin Hardie is the Communication Workers Union (CWU) Lead ULR for the Plymouth and East Cornwall Amal branch. He has been unearthing members’ hidden talents in a creative writing competition.

CWU writers competition
Edward Buckingham with the CWU award

Early this year, Plymouth and East Cornwall Branch ran a creative writing competition out of our learning centre. The title of the competition was ‘A Great Achievement’ and could have been around anything any individual has achieved so far in life, be it about themselves or someone close to them. It proved to be a great success, with the standard being very high and over thirty entries, which were finally trimmed down to three outstanding finalists and finally, a winner!

Finalist one was John Pitcher from Plymouth Mail Centre, night shift processing. His entry, ‘End of the Road’ was about his time as a TPO during the eighties and nineties and the good times he had with his colleagues traveling from London down to Plymouth on the train whilst sorting the mail. The story ended with John and his workmates realisation that Ed’s story, ‘Putting Cornwall on the Map’ was about his amazing achievement on Mount Everest!

Finalist two was Sarah Saunders of Plymouth Mdec and Sarah’s story of her pony Autumn Velvet. The title of the story was ‘A Stable Relationship’ Sarah had always dreamed of owning her own pony and it wasn’t until Sarah started her first full time job, when her dream became reality.

Sarah was thrilled that her story got into the last three, Sarah said:

I am absolutely delighted that my entry got so far. I have entered many writing competitions before but this is the first time I’ve been placed in one. It’s a real confidence boost and motivator for me and has spurred me on for future competitions”

The last finalist and overall winner of the competition was Edward Buckingham from Plymouth Mail Centre Distribution. Ed’s story, ‘Putting Cornwall on the Map’ was about his amazing achievement on Mount Everest!

His story reflects the ups and downs of his adventure. Ed was awarded the Cornish Gorsedh award for Exceptional Endeavour in 2013 in recognition of being the first person to raise the St Piran’s Cornish flag on the summit of Everest.

Gavin said:

Edward is an inspiration in how far a bit of motivation and a lot of determination can take one person. He also wrote a book titled, 7 Summits which has been published.

Everyone who entered the competition should be very proud!