The future is bright for Inga thanks to union learning

Inga Klovane has been working at Bright Blue Foods for over 12 years. Starting on the factory floor Inga has and gained promotions through hard work and the support of the learning team from the Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union (BFAWU).

BFAWU learner Inga

Inga started working at the Lancashire based food producer as a production operative and has worked her way up to Quality Auditor at the companies two sites, which are next door to each other in Blackburn and Shadsworth.

When Inga started in this new position, she had very little in terms of computer skills, and had to always ask her colleagues how to do small tasks. However, thanks to the support from BFAWU Union Learning Reps, and the free learning courses they offered from Alison, Inga can now do her job without any help.

John Fox BFAWU Project Worker said;

Inga completed a Microsoft 2010 Excel course through the Alison Learning site and was very happy to receive her certificate.”

This initial course built up Inga’s confidence, and since completing it she has come on in leaps and bounds, signing up for more advanced courses to further her knowledge and improve her work opportunities.”

IT skills are becoming increasingly important for workers in all sorts of jobs that previously may not have seen the need for computers. Jobs in the food sector are just one area that has seen the need for workers to increase their digital skills – and unions like the BFAWU are ideally placed to support their members on the factory floor build up the skills they need for the jobs of the future.

The company promotes learning throughout its sites, and works with the union not just to improve functional skills and offer IT training. Bright Blue Foods has just linked up with the union to arrange two Mental Health awareness courses and are now looking for dates to proceed with the Mental Health First Aid course.

Ian Nicholson the training and development officer promotes all the training on site. Ian has told BFAWU Project Workers that the more qualified the staff, the better benefits the company has.

Inga said:

Union Project Workers Lorraine and John were very supportive and helpful.“

They explained, in a very understandable way, how to use the links and how to do correctly all units on the course, they help me lots, as my first language isn’t English.”

Now Inga has gained her IT qualifications, with the support of the union, she is finding her job far more enjoyable and is also looking at future courses.