Going online helps Marina develop her skills

Dropping into a union run computer club in Wigan has resulted in live in carer Marina Tsekgeli not only building up her IT skills but she has followed this up with an online diploma that will help develop her career opportunities.

Sunshine House

The Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union (BFAWU) supports a computer club at Sunshine House, a community centre in Wigan. The club is run as a weekly drop in session open to everyone and five months ago Marina walked in to see if she could build up her computer skills.

BFAWU Project Worker John Fox explained:

Marina lives in Greece but works in Wigan as a live-in carer. She doesn’t have much time to herself but thought it would be useful to get some qualifications. After our initial talk about what she wanted, we looked at Learn My Way and the modules that it offers around IT skills.”

Marina works twelve weeks in Wigan, then returns to Greece for four weeks and after about five weeks of learning at the computer club Marina told John that she had to go back to Greece for a short while.

John explained that she could access the course whilst back at home. This she did and when she returned to Wigan she had almost completed it.

John was really pleased with the progress Marina had made and when she finished the course thought that was the end of her links with the Sunshine House drop in, however this wasn’t to be the case.

John said:

I received a phone call from Sharon Jones, a UNISON representative who works for Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS. Sharon asked me did I have any courses for carers and could she come and see me. I explained what we had in distance learning and online. This learner was Marina, she had decided to do the online diploma course with Alison.com in Caregiving.”

Thanks to the support from the union and the ability to study these courses online means that Marina will be able to carry on her learning, even when she is back home in Greece, and she is looking forward to trying out other courses in the future.