Jayne is awarded for supporting apprentices

Jayne Barry is Project Manager at Derbyshire County Council and a UNISON Learning Co-Ordinator and Union Learning Rep. At this years unionlearn Annual Conference Jayne was named the 2019 winner for supporting Apprenticeships.

Jayne Barry

Jayne has set up a number of initiatives at Derbyshire County Council to support apprentices at the workplace. These include recruiting an apprentice Union Learning Rep, developing an Apprenticeship Charter with the employer and setting up an apprentice forum along with producing engaging resources to help apprentices understand their rights.

Jayne was inspired to support apprentices thanks to the work of a friend. Jayne explains:

I became a ULR due a friend of mine, Pauline Hubble, who has sadly has since passed. Pauline wanted to support apprentices more than anything to make sure they got the real deal when it came down to their apprenticeship. So after Pauline passed on I decided I would get on with that challenge of getting an agreement set up at the authority – so we know have a very comprehensive Apprenticeship Charter.

Luke Ploughman is an apprentice Care Worker and said:

Jayne has really helped me on my apprenticeship journey, she has given me loads of advice of where we can find more courses and also where we can get more skills.

Ian McFayden is an HR Consultant with Derbyshire County Council and recognised the importance of Jayne's work. Ian said:

Unions play a very important role in making sure our apprentices achieve and thrive and develop their career paths. Jayne has been instrumental in driving that forward and it’s a credit to her to achieve this.

Unionlearn Director Kevin Rowan added:

Supporting apprentices is at the heart of unionlearn's work, and the work ULRs do every day. Jayne is a fantastic example of the difference that unions and reps can make to apprentices as they start out on their career’s and learn the skills they need for the future.