Autumn Festival of Learning is go

Three months of learning campaign’s, events, webinars and workshops starts today as unionlearn focuses on a season of skills development.

Unionlearn Autumn Festival of Learning

Unionlearn’s new Autumn Festival of Learning will run from mid-September to the end of November 2020. With the aim of supporting and motivating Union Learning Reps and inspiring learning throughout the months ahead.

The festival will feature:

  • Regional virtual Supporting Learners networking sessions
  • Campaign weeks covering core learning issues
  • Webinars on a range of learning topics
  • Create your own future webinar and briefing sessions, making use of the new online tool
  • Interactive virtual learning sessions

Skills and Recovery will be a key theme for the festival as many people need support at this challenging time to help get a job, change roles or simply get ahead with their careers.  Learning and skills development will play a vital part in the road to recovery.

The festival kicks off with a webinar – Build Back Better – where unionlearn Senior Policy Officer Iain Murray, Kate Bell, TUC Head of Rights, International, Social and Economics and unionlearn Service Team Manager Ian Borkett, which will look at the TUC’s new jobs protection and upskilling plan, highlight a range of new skills and recovery resources for reps and workers and an insight into union workplace strategies to support workers at risk or changes to ways of working.

Unionlearn Director Kevin Rowan said:

Unionlearn’s new Autumn Festival of Learning follows on from the summer Learning at Home campaign and is a fantastic opportunity for union’s to get involved with workplace learning and support members and learners build their skills.”

The recovery is at the forefront of all out minds at the moment, and many of the festivals workshops and webinars will aim to support workers through this difficult time. These include the launch of unionlearn’s new innovate “Create your own future” tool which support’s the user journey from a skills review to learning and career opportunities with the support of an interactive chatbot.”

I would encourage unions, union learning reps and ULF projects to all engage with this new unionlearn Festival of Learning. Take part in the workshops and webinars and run your own workplace learning events throughout the autumn.”

Festival co-ordinator Louisa Smith added:

Union learning continues to make a huge difference in the workplace and beyond and the unionlearn Autumn Festival of Learning will help show the value unionlearn brings in providing much needed support to unions, reps and learners.”

The festival has its own page on the unionlearn website – which will be updated as more events and activities are added over the coming months.

Go to unionlearn Autumn Festival of Learning to find out the latest.