Career Kickstart Reviews - guide now out

Unionlearn has developed a practical guide which will give new and experienced union reps the confidence to deliver Career Kickstart reviews in the workplace or in learning centres, one-to-one or in groups, and to signpost workers to a range of specialists and experts. 

Unionlearn Career Kickstart

The Career kickstart reviews: A guide for union learning reps provides knowledge, contextual information, a suggested structure for reviews, helpful activities and information on resources and signposting.

Louisa Smith, unionlearn Projects Officer, said:

For learning and development to be effective, it must be underpinned by good-quality information, advice and guidance (IAG). But career IAG provision and support for young people is patchy across the country and so unionlearn and unions have developed career kickstart reviews.”

The reviews are designed to provide support to young people, start a conversation with them about their career plans and give them the best possible start to their career.”

To download your copy of the guide go to the unionlearn website.