Create your own future – webinar launches new online tool

Unionlearn’s new Create your own future tool is being launched in November with a webinar hosted by unionlearn's Jane Warwick and Noorie Sazen from Saffron interactive.

Create Your Own Future - launch

In partnership with Saffron Interactive, unionlearn has developed an online programme of support that will help secure career futures by identifying the transferable skills people have, inspiring and motivating workers to get new skills and to match them to new job opportunities and training.

This webinar will be the first opportunity to see the new Create your own future tool and how it can support users to reflect on their skills, plan for the future and explore jobs and potential career pathways to expand job opportunities and improve their economic future.

This interactive session will include:

  • Project overview
  • Create your own future demonstration
  • ULR support
  • Project evaluation plan

The webinar takes place on the morning of Friday 6th November from 11.00 to 12.00. To book a place go to the Create your own future launch – webinar page.