Get talking about a green future at work

On June 24 union members are being invited to join the Global Day of Action to Climate and Employment Proof our Work, and take part in the biggest global conversation about our future.


The ITUC Global Day of Workplace Action asks workers and their unions to start a conversation with their employer about their plans to climate-proof jobs, reduce emissions in their operations and put in place Just Transition plans where required.

The ITUC says that we are in a race against time to respond to climate change, which left unchecked threatens everyone and will leave whole regions uninhabitable. Extreme weather events with lasting devastation are already destroying jobs and livelihoods.

Climate change knows no borders, and neither does solidarity. That’s why in 2020 the ITUC is asking for support to help ‘Climate and Employment Proof our Work’ (#CEPOW).

Tim Page, Senior Policy Officer at the TUC said:

The aim of the day is simple enough; we want to encourage a conversation in your workplace, between you and your managers, about the amount of energy you use, and whether simple steps can be taken to bring this down.”

Ask simple questions: Do we use low energy lightbulbs? What about heating systems? Even recycled loo rolls? No initiative is too small or too insignificant. If we all take small steps then those steps, taken together, can make a real difference.”  

Find out more about Climate and Employment Proof our Work Day.

Unionlearn recently produced a new page on its website exploring Green Skills at Work and last month published a new publication, Cutting Carbon, Growing Skills, that looked at the skills needed to achieve a just transition and what unions were doing in workplaces to reduce their carbon footprint.

Check out the Green Skills at Work page for ideas and resources to help you make your workplace greener.