Green skills webinar explores how unions can save the planet

Climate change and environmental issues are never far from the news and the latest unionlearn lockdown webinar will explore green skills and jobs for the recovery and future of work - and the vital role unions can play in delivering them. 

Green Skills webinar

The “Green Skills for a just transition” webinar takes place on Friday May 29th at 11 am and will discuss ways that unions are working together and forming partnerships to tackle what is seen by many as the biggest issue of the 21st Century.

One aspect of this is the way that unions will work to ensure workers have an opportunity to develop the new skills needed for a net zero carbon economy.

Developing green skills at work has the potential to offer a wide range of exciting opportunities to workers across the UK, and the trade union movement will be leading the way in supporting the fight against climate change and helping workers build the skills that will be part of the solution.

This webinar will tie in with the launch of unionlearn’s new publication “Cutting Carbon, Growing Skills: green skills for a just transition” and will hear from report author Graham Petersen, Sarah Woolley General Secretary of the Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union  and TUC Senior Policy Officer Tim Page.

Join Graham and Tim on this webinar which will address:

  • What is a just transition and why is a trade union issue?
  • How are new green jobs and skills vital to the economy?
  • What are Green Reps and how can they play a part?
  • What training is available from unions?

Graham Petersen is the Secretary of the Greener Jobs Alliance. He is a UCU member and former TUC tutor who has produced a range of Green Skills publications and training materials for the UCU and TUC.

Sarah Woolley this year became General Secretary of the BFAWU and for some time has been promoting the green agenda in workplaces and negotiating environmental training for workers. Sarah joined the BFAWU as a weekend assistant at Bakers Oven as a weekend assistant and feels that union learning has been an important part of her journey through the union.

Tim Page is a Senior Policy Officer at the TUC, responsible for economic and industrial policy. He also covers science policy, public procurement and high-performance workplaces.

To register on the webinar click the “Green Skills for a just transition” event.