Have fun with grammar on Literacy Works Week

Unionlearn launches a new SkillCheck quiz, Grammar Matters. The quiz is a fun way to check what we remember of some of the basic grammar rules in English language.

Grammar matters

Grammar Matters quiz is a five-minute set of questions which is easy and free to access via unionlearn website or by downloading the SkillCheck app.

Unionlearn Policy Officer Kirsi Kekki said:

As with all good quizzes this is an excellent opportunity to challenge your nearest and dearest colleagues at work to check who gets the most questions right.”

In the end of the quiz you’ll find signposting to further learning.”

All the questions in Grammar Matters quiz question map against at GCSE and Level 2 Functional Skills qualifications.

The SkillCheck initial assessment and quiz family includes topics such as English, maths, digital skills, financial capability and apprenticeships.

Literacy Works Week runs 9-13 March celebrating all adult learning around English literacy, language and communication.

To try out Grammar matters go to unionlearn’s SkillCheck page where you can try online or download the app.