Have a Maths Workout this week

The fifth unionlearn Maths Workout Week starts today and we are encouraging everyone to take a moment to update their everyday maths skills. 

Maths Workout Week 2020

During the Maths Workout Week unionlearn is also promoting unions’ stories of interesting and exciting maths learning journeys and publicise blogs.

Like previous years unionlearn will be offering our fiendish maths quiz on Twitter. Check @unionlearn every day, work out the answers to the maths questions and congratulate yourself. The right answers will appear in our Twitter account the day after the question goes up and all the questions are level 2/GCSE level maths. 

SkillCheck has two initial assessments that explore maths skills: maths basics, stepping that goes all the way to level 2. There’s also a quiz on Everyday finances that puts some maths in context of personal finances. 

What you can do: 

  • Organise a maths event by email or using online tools such as Zoom with fun quizzes and competitions. 
  • Challenge your colleagues to take up one of the online assessments. Your union may offer one or use SkillCheck or Numeracy Challenge
  • Join Unions’ English, maths and digital skills network meeting online 12 October at 2pm. Register now at Network event page. 
  • Watch out for the Let’s talk about maths virtual workshop 15 October at 11-11.45pm. Register now at the workshop event page.

The week is not all about maths though, and part of our ongoing Autumn Festival of Learning we have regional Supporting Learning events covering the Northern region and London, Eastern and South East this week.

You can find out about all our resources on our dedicated maths page, and for more information [email protected]