"Learn for Life" with Potent Whisper and the CWU

The CWU has worked with spoken word artist Potent Whisper over recent years to run a number of spoken word workshops for members. Recently they have been working together on a new project; a specially commissioned spoken word piece to promote learning across the CWU to its members.

Potent Whisper

Potent Whisper, also known as Georgie, has always blended his art with activism. He was born to a working class family in South London but got the opportunity to study at The BRIT School, where he started rapping. His early releases, Between The Lines and The Boom Bap Bounce were featured on BBC Introducing.

He has performed at the Tate Modern's Hyperlink Festival and delivered performances in Senegal, France and Sudan. His first play Invisible toured the UK in 2014 and in 2015, he founded the community group Our Brixton which supports local housing campaigns, fusing art with community action.

The CWU have been working with Potent Whisper since 2017, delivering rhyming workshops on workers’ rights to young people entering the world of work. Last year he delivered a workshop at the unions National ULR Networking Event.

It was here that CWU Union Learning Fund Project Manager Paul Dovey started discussing with Georgie the possibility of developing a bespoke video to promote union learning.

Paul said:

It’s interesting to see how spoken word engages people.”

You see people open up. You see them become receptive to new ideas and opportunities. Often it encourages people to participate themselves – which of course is what we want for learning.”

We have lots of posters and flyers to promote learning but we wanted something different. Something not tied to the page but something that jumps out and engages people. Something they can share. This is exactly what Georgie has given us and I encourage everyone to share the hell out of it.”

Here you can watch Potent Whispers video for Learn for Life.

Visit the website for more about Potent Whisper