Making the best out of Quick Reads

Unionlearn today publishes a new guide which helps union learning reps (ULRs) make the best use of Quick Reads.

Ready to Read

Ready to Read promotes the use of Quick Reads in the workplace and give hints and tips on making reading a pleasure.

The new guide explores the benefits of reading and suggests fun ways reps can engage their colleagues in reading and sharing their enjoyment of books. It also gathers together resources to help set up reading groups.

Ready to Read is also essential reading material for reps planning their Literacy Works Week activities. The week runs this year 9-13 March.

Quick Reads are short, engaging books for adults. The books are written without the more difficult vocabulary and long sentence that unconfident readers can find off-putting. They are also perfect for adults who have lost their reading habit and are ready to enjoy work from best-selling authors.

The publication of Ready to Read coincides with the publication of a new batch of Quick Reads. The Quick Read programme is run by the Reading Agency. The books are available in bookshops and libraries. ULRs can enquire their unions and unionlearn for copies.

Unionlearn director Kevin Rowan said:

Union learning reps have done stellar work on spreading the word on joys of reading. Union learning projects are exceptional in their ability to engage adults to update their literacy skills. Quick Reads have been a really helpful way to get people interested in reading.

Ready to Read offers reps ideas on how to make reading a fun activity that brings people together in the workplace.”

Download your copy of Ready to Read today. You can also order hard copies or the latest Quick Reads by emailing unionlearn - [email protected]