New guide on empowering dyslexic learners

Unionlearn’s new guide for union learning reps (ULRs) helps to find practical support for learners with dyslexia.

Empowering Dyslexic Learners

Empowering dyslexic learners guide highlights the unique role reps have in supporting learners in the workplace and in helping to create a positive environment where learners feel they can be open about any challenges they face with their learning.

Everyone’s experience of dyslexia is different. Dyslexia is an invisible disability, which affects people from all social and economic backgrounds. It is a learning difference that can have a significant impact during education, in the workplace and in everyday life.

It is thought that dyslexia affects about one in ten people. It can cause difficulties with processing information and primarily affects reading and writing skills, though it can affect other abilities too. The guide includes learner stories on challenges and overcoming them in the workplace.  

The booklet offers practical suggestions on strategies ULRs can adopt in the workplace. On top of this there’s also heaps of information on helpful resources and how technology can assist dyslexic learners. The guide also describes the social model of disability which the TUC has adopted.

The guide has been published electronically can be found on unionlearn publications page and it will be launched in print later in 2020.