Talking Mental Health with TUC Education

TUC Education will be holding a webinar in conjunction with Chris O’Sullivan, Head of Workplace Mental Health at Mental Health Foundation, the UK’s leading prevention focused mental health charity. on Wednesday 12th June that explores mental health issues and looks at practical tips for union reps.

TUC Mental Health webinar

Chris said:

Over the past few years mental health has moved into the foreground as both a challenge, and an opportunity in the workplace.  There’s an increasing sense that action is needed and a range of options for taking that action.”

This webinar will look at three areas, focusing on practical tips for reps in relation to mental health.”

These areas are:

  • Noticing distress and reaching out appropriately to somebody who isn’t coping
  • Supporting disclosure and assisting with ongoing concerns, including reasonable adjustments and return to work
  • Working strategically to improve the nature of work to protect and promote mental wellbeing for all staff.

If you're a union representative, you're entitled to paid release from work to take part in this webinar. Talk to your employer.

The webinar is being held on Wednesday 12th June from 14.00 to 15.00 and is free to register.

For more info email [email protected] and to register go to the TUC Education website.