TUC Education runs Green Shoots course in Yorkshire

The Trade Union Studies Centre at East Riding College are running a new Level 2 Environmental Certificate aimed at trade union reps keen to explore workplace environmental issues.

Green Shoots course

With Green issues and the environment at the forefront of daily news bulletins and increasingly becoming part of the public consciousness, it is important that union reps have the latest information.

Rob Goodfellow is Curriculum Leader –Trade Union Studies at East Riding College. Rob said:

This course will investigate environmental issues in the workplace as well as looking at what union reps can do to promote green policies where they work.”

The whole course will take an environmentalist approach to workplace issues for trade union reps.”

The course is spread over 10 weeks and results in a full level 2 certificate, which is NOCN accredited. It will deliver current, in-demand skills and up-to-date and relevant knowledge about evolving workplace and public policy issues.

The course includes:

Activities based on real-world workplace issues

Guest speakers who are specialists in the field of environmental issues

Mixed media approach (video, conferencing, classroom delivery and portfolio work)

Students will learn:  

How to identify workplace environmental issues.

How to organise and campaign around workplace environmental issues.

How to use civil and criminal law to effect change in their workplace, with environmental issues at the forefront.

How to prepare arguments and use collective bargaining to implement changes to workplace practices on environmental issues.

How to work with members and other pressure groups to build effective networks that make change happen.

If you are interested in the course and want to find out more information, contact:

Rob Goodfellow, Curriculum Leader –Trade Union Studies, East Riding College

Tel: 01482 390973

Email: [email protected]