TUC Midlands offers course to help reps use video effectively

To complement the 3 Social Media Masterclasses the TUC in the Midlands held during 2018, they are now hosting their latest course, Using Video Effectively for your Union, your Members and your Campaigns.

TUC MIdlands offers video training

The latest research tells us that 75% of everything viewed online in 2018 was a video. By 2020 100% of Facebook will be video based. An email with the word ‘video’ in its subject box is 80% more likely to be opened.

Therefore the challenges for Trade Unions and their members in 2019 is not if they deliver video but how well they deliver video for the retaining and recruitment of members.

Trade Union Member, former Parliamentary Candidate and now Managing Director of his own Award Winning digital marketing agency, Ashley Riley has delivered Using Video Effectively for Your Business across the UK to businesses large and small with great reviews.

The training majors on the importance of effective communication with a focus on how the engaging use of plain English, writing skills for a script, verbal communication in person and via video can and will make a major difference to union activities.

As well as practically looking at recruitment and retention the training also works with members to consider how video can be and must be a major tool in improving learning and skills in the workplace.

Using Video Effectively for your Union, your members and your campaigns covers:

  • The drafting and writing of an engaging script for video content.
  • How to use the equipment (even an iPhone) to make great video.
  • Content ideas and what to do with the video once it has been recorded.
  • Practical and expert tips on creating engaging video that promotes trade unions, their campaigns and the benefits of membership.
  • Help and advice for the timid, scared and those allergic to their own image!

The course is being held on 30th January at the GMB Midland & East Coast Region offices in Nottingham

Places are limited so please register to attend at this link