TUC proposes ambitious training plan in job guarantee scheme

The world of work is changing rapidly following the coronavirus outbreak. The TUC has released a report today setting out a case for a new jobs guarantee.

Job retention - TUC

The TUC report says as part of a new jobs guarantee:

  • Government should provide funding to offer a new jobs guarantee. This scheme would provide a six months job with training, paid at least at the real living wage, or the union negotiated rate for the job.
  • The TUC believes that the government should aim to offer the job guarantee scheme to as many people as possible who face long term unemployment prioritising on workers under 25 and under who has been unemployed for three or more months and workers aged over 25 who have been unemployed for six months or more to be offered a six-month job with training, paid at the real living wage.

The jobs guarantee proposal includes a significant emphasis on learning and training where all participants get one day a week or 20 per cent of working time mirroring the apprenticeship programmes’ entitlement. The job guarantee scheme could also be built into a kick-start to apprenticeships.

To enable the training element in the job guarantee scheme the government should activate the National Skills Fund (NSF) immediately. Its promised £600 million investment per year should be brought forward to be spent now in response to the urgent upskilling need that is hitting the workforce.

Kevin Rowan, director of unionlearn said:

This is an ambitious proposal and training and learning element needs to be ambitious too. Guaranteed time off gives participants confidence that there will be a positive lasting impact on individuals’ prospect at work.”

We are talking about new, additional jobs which provide a community, public benefit or help to decarbonise the economy. Meeting local labour market needs is a key.”

To ensure the effectiveness of the scheme unions have a role to play in working with employers and other stakeholders.”

To read the full report "A new plan for jobs - why we need a new jobs guarantee" click the link.