The union learning Climbing Frame celebrates 10 years

This weekend the union learning Climbing Frame celebrates 10 years of supporting Union Learning Reps (ULRs) and learners to reach up and develop their skills.

Unionlearn Climbing Frame

The union learning Climbing Frame is a free website for ULRs and others who work with learners provided by unionlearn.  It has been designed to support the interaction and transferability of skills and experience and includes a huge variety of ‘Learning Themes’ (topics) of interest to ULRs.

Learning Themes are regularly being updated and include ‘Supporting Learners’, ‘Personal Development and Career Planning', ‘Mental Health’, ‘Higher Learning’ and ‘Equality, Diversity and Learning’.

Within the Learning Themes useful onscreen text information can be found along with links to external websites and a huge number of documents which can be downloaded.

There is a popular ‘Learner Management’ area on the website where the ULR can store information about their sessions with learners. Working with the learner, the ULR can create a ‘Climbing Frame’ of actions for them which can help them achieve learning goals.

The website also contains a discussion forum, useful links, news, videos and case studies.  ULRs can store their own notes, produce reports, upload documents and record their own learning and progression.

Unionlearn Projects Officer, Louisa Smith, said:

Over the last decade thousands of reps and learners have made use of the Climbing Frame to support themselves and their learners with their learning journey.”

What started as a small website to help ULR’s has grown into a massive resource packed full of useful information and links.  Unionlearn regularly add new content and resources to give reps access to the very latest advice and guidance to support workplace learners.”

If you are not already registered on the Climbing Frame please do so today.