Unionlearn launches Learning @ Home Campaign

Unionlearn are today launching a Learning @ Home Campaign to support thousands of workers who are working from home, self-isolating or who find themselves temporarily out of work during the current pandemic.

Unionlearn Learning @ Home

Over the coming weeks and months unionlearn will highlight learning opportunities that union members, their families and others can access from home. These will vary from free qualifications through unionlearn’s partnership with The Skills Network, to online assessments, resources and webinars.

The information will all be accessible via a page on the unionlearn website, but there will also be regular posts on unionlearn’s social media platforms signposting people to online offers from partner unions and education providers.

The new campaign pages will contain lots of exciting and interactive tools people can use to review their skill levels and help signpost home learners to a diverse range of inspirational training opportunities, along with new stories highlighting the way learners have used distance learning opportunities to improve their skills.

The page is packed full of information and resources, including:

*) The SkillCheck initial assessment tool

*) Free distance learning qualifications from The Skills Network

*) Unionlearn’s Climbing Frame

*) Apprenticeship Essentials advice and guidance of apprentices

*) The Careerzone one stop shop

*) TUC Education

And much, much more.

The resources are available to everyone and unionlearn is encouraging people to have a go and get involved in learning. The Learning @ Home campaign is calling on people to share and pass on information about the campaign and learning opportunities to friends and family so everyone is better prepared to meet the challenges workers will face when they come through this crisis.

Unionlearn Director Kevin Rowan said:

This is a very challenging time for workers across the country. Many are working from home, while others face an uncertain future as their workplaces close down for the duration of the Covid-19 crisis.”

Unionlearn is in the position to support these workers by providing online learning opportunities that can help develop their skills whilst at home. Over the coming weeks the number of courses and resources will grow, and I would encourage everyone to register on the unionlearn website to keep up to date with all the latest news and developments.”

Go to the unionlearn Learning @ Home page to see what is on offer and how you can start Learning at Home today.