Webinar looks at ways to improve mental well-being and resilience

Unionlearn are holding a webinar in October to help unions and reps explore ways to improve mental well-being and resilience.

Mental well-being and resilience

Positive well-being is a fundamental part of an individual’s overall health and can help you deal with whatever life can throw your way. Resilience can improve an individual’s overall well-being by helping build capacity to recover quickly from difficulties and change.

Join Lisa Francis in this webinar to look at different ways of improving your well-being and building resilience. Topics covered include:

  • Improving well-being 
  • Learning to live our lives better
  • Building Resilience
  • Challenging negative thinking
  • Self-care and what that means to people
  • Ownership and responsibility over thoughts and feelings
  • Building well-being into your routine
  • Body scan exercise

Lisa Francis is a Welsh Union Learning Fund project manager for Community Union, promoting and supporting adult learning. As a former volunteer counsellor and mental health assistant with a Postgraduate Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Lisa is passionate about mental health and increasing awareness to help individuals through difficult times.

The webinar takes place on Friday 9th October at 11 a.m., for more information and to register on the webinar for free click “Improving mental well-being and resilience.