Get Online this week with unionlearn

Unionlearn is encouraging learners to develop their Digital Skills this week as unions across the country take part in Get Online Week. This year the week falls within unionlearn’s new Autumn Festival of Learning.

Get Online Week

Get Online Week starts this Monday and continues until 25 October with organisers saying: now's the time to get online. Instead, of the traditional large community and workplace events the organisers are asking people to help people safely, whether that’s over the phone, using digital tools like video calls, or in person on 1-1 basis but only when and where it’s safe to do so.


 Unionlearn is holding two online events during the week to inspire and signpost you to resources and ways to improve your digital skills. On the 21 October  Adrian Ryan and Matt Pointon will run an interactive session on Improving your skills: Getting started with online learning, and on 22 October there will be a webinar exploring Digital Skills and work with Liz North, Programme Manager for the CareerTech Challenge Fund at Nesta, the Innovation Foundation.

Unionlearn has lots of resources to support unions and Union Learning Reps which can be found on unionlearns Digital Skills page. These include Unionlearn’s ICT SkillCheck initial assessments and Our 15 minute elearning topics include digital options such as Safe video conferencing.

Union Learning Reps and unions are rising to the challenge as Unionlearn Project Officer Andy Moss said:

Union Learning Reps are planning ways to engage with Get Online Week, and unionlearn is keen to support these reps by showcasing their stories and promoting resources that will help their activities.”

There is a page on the unionlearn website dedicated to Digital Skills and it is full of resources that can support learners get the best out of going online.”

Unionlearn have recently published a guide for ULRs supporting digital skills development in the workplace and the Climbing Frame website has lots of information, links and resources as well. Our website will feature union stories and blogs to inspire ideas too.”

If you are planning a Get Online Week activity unionlearn is very keen to share your story. You can either email Andy Moss ([email protected]) with details or tag in @unionlearn and #AutumnSkills on twitter.

To find out more about Get Online Week go to their website.

You can view, or order, unionlearns guide for ULR's - "Working to close the digital divide"  and visit the Climbing Frame to see all the information and resources too.